Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Disney Store 2004 Challenge Watch

This is The Disney Store's 2004 Challenge Watch, given only to the Cast Members of Store #471 in Baldwin Hills, California in 2004. I was one of the winning Cast Members. Our store recorded more sales over goal for the Disney video, "The Return of Jafar" (the sequel to "Aladdin"), than any other Disney Store! How did we do it? Teamwork, hard work and heavy promotion! We saw our goals, and they looked do-able, so we doubled them, and then doubled them again. The result? We were 424% over the goal that the Company set for us by the time the 6 weeks were over! We also won a jacket that matched the design on the watch, and a party at the now-defunct Ed Debevick's in Restaurant Row in Beverly Hills (a fifties -style diner). Believe me, our little "Disney Store in the Hood" was very proud of our accomplishments, and the Company took notice. Sadly, the economic downturn has claimed that Disney Store- just as the Store was going to close to open an even larger Disney Store in Baldwin Hills, Disney decided to not open the new store! Store #471 is now gone, and it is missed! There is a new, nice little Disney Store now at the Fox Hills Mall, which is really cute (I went there a couple of days ago- really nice), but I wish that Baldwin Hills could have its own Disney Store again! Oh, well!

This watch is really cool. I have not worn it much- it is still as new as the day I got it!