Saturday, October 13, 2018

Rare "C" Tickets from Ticket Booth at Disneyland

These are "C" tickets from Disneyland.  Now, most people who remember Disneyland tickets remember the tickets that came from a Ticket Book.  These, however, were purchased at a ticket booth.  Notice that each has a cost of 50 cents.  You were able, for example, to walk over from the attractions in Fantasyland to a ticket booth and purchase tickets, if you were out of the "C" tickets that came with your ticket book (or, if you simply purchased an admission to Disneyland which did not include any ride tickets).  I just discovered that I had these, among some tickets that were gifted to me.  These tickets once belonged to a dear friend of mine, Beverly Butrum,  who last worked at The Disney Gallery, when it was housed above the Pirates of the Caribbean entrance.