Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Photo of Mary Poppins' Horse at Disney's Hollywood Studios Florida

This is a photo of Mary Poppins' carousel horse that she rode in the 1964 Walt Disney movie, "Mary Poppins". This photo was taken in September at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Florida. The horse is in a glass case in the lobby of Disney's replica of Grauman's Chinese Theater, and can be seen while standing in line for "The Great Movie Ride". While I don't own the horse in the picture, I took this picture and I thought that you might like it!

Walt Disney World- The Magic Kingdom- GAF Talking View Master Reels Set

This is a GAF Talking View Master reels set of "Walt Disney World- The Magic Kingdom". I received this as a present from Santa Claus back in Christmas of 1972, and it was a memorable gift. As you can see, I still have it! I used to love and listen to this reel, and always hope that someday I'd get to go to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida! Most of the things presented on these 3 talking reels is still present at Walt Disney World today. The only thing that I can think of that is gone is the "Mickey Mouse Review", which went to Tokyo Disneyland a long time ago.

Book: Be Our Guest - Perfecting The Art of Customer Service by the Disney Institute

This is an excellent book called "Be Our Guest- Perfecting The Art of Customer Service" by the Disney Institute. This book discusses The Walt Disney Company's philosophy regarding customer service (or guest service, in Disney speak). It provides great insight into what makes great customer service. I've read this book a couple of times. I even lent it to my former Fed Ex manager, and she read it really fast!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Donald Duck T-Shirt with quote from Walt Disney

This is one of my favorite Disney T-shirts. I didn't buy it to wear it- I bought it to frame it because I like the quote, and the design with Donald Duck. The quote is by Walt Disney, and it says, "The way to get started is to quit TALKING and beging DOING". I think that's good advice! Notice that Donald Duck has a ribbon tied around his mouth, and he looks kind of upset!

LP Record Disney's "America on Parade"

This is the picture-disc long-playing record of Disney's "America on Parade", which was a parade at Disneyland and Walt Disney World from 1975-1976. I remember this parade very well- I saw it a few times, and I remember the commercial on TV. I was able to purchase some of the music from this parade on CD about 5 years ago at Walt Disney World from on of their "Walt Disney World Forever" kiosks. I was able to get this particular record album from my friend Debbie, whose husband worked at Disneyland for years and collected Disney record albums. She sold this to me fairly recently.

If you would like to own this perfect-condition Picture Disc LP of Disney's "America on Parade", I am willing to part with it for $200 plus shipping.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

'Peter Pan' Captain Hook Watch by Fossil

This is a watch based on the Walt Disney classic movie, "Peter Pan". It features Captain Hook in a fighting stance. This watch was part of the Watch Collector's Club Series III. The Watch Collector's Club was a series by Fossil and was made exclusively for The Disney Store. This watch is part of a numbered Limited Edition of 7,500 Watches made. This one is number 3087. Captain Hook's arm with the sword is the minute hand. His hook is the hour hand.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sleeping Beauty Aurora and Prince Phillip Watch by Fossil

This is a Sleeping Beauty Watch featuring Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip from the 1955 Walt Disney classic, "Sleeping Beauty". This is a Limited Edition numbered watch- number 4,744 out of 7,500 made, and is part of Fossil's Watch Collector's Club Series V. The watch was made in Japan by Fossil. This watch came in a very nice, laminated wooden music box with Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip on it, and if I ever sold this watch to anyone, I would keep the music box.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Maleficent Watch - Marc Davis Signature Series Limited Edition

This is a watch depicting Maleficent. It's part of the Marc Davis Signature Series. This watch came in a cool wooden box, which had Marc Davis's distinct autograph on the outside of the box (he died way before this watch was released- so it's only a copy of his signature). This is one of the most beautiful watches that I have. Maleficent was a great villain- one of the best, if not the best, in all of Disney. In fact, as she states and demonstrates in the Walt Disney classic, "Sleeping Beauty", she is "the Mistress of all evil". On this watch, Maleficent holds her now famous magical staff and her pet raven, Diablo. This watch is numbered #1,125 out of a Limited Edition of 5,000 watches made.