Saturday, September 14, 2013

Disney Complimentary One Day Passport

This is a complementary One Day Passport for the U.S. Disney Parks, which was commonly given to Cast Members and, up til about 1990, Disney Stockholders who attended the Annual Shareholders Meetings either in Anaheim or Orlando.   I went to 2 Shareholder Meetings where these were given out- one for the shareholder and one for each guest- when I first went you could have 3 guests.  At the very last meeting when these were given to shareholders, they only gave it to the shareholder and one guest.

These special passports were also given to Disney Cast Members, usually twice per year, so that the Cast Members could give them out to whomever they wanted as gifts.

The great thing about this particular Passport is that they never expire - they are good until you use them once.    When used, they scan the barcode, stamp the date on the reverse side, and tear one corner, so that nobody tries to use it again.  This Passport says "Complementary" on the reverse, so it was not intended to be sold.

Another great thing about this Passport is that it is a Park Hopper.  That is, you can go between Disney Parks all in the same day.  So, if you're at Disneyland Park, you can also visit Disney's California Adventure the same day.    If you're  at Walt Disney World Resort, you could alternate between the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Animal Kingdom, the Disney Studios and Epcot.

Note from the logos on the Passport that only 4 theme park logos are represented.  That is because back in the late 80's when this Passport was produced, only those 4 Disney theme parks were in operation in America - Disney's  Animal Kingdom Theme Park did not exist, nor did Disney's California Adventure Theme Park.

Although I could give this Passport to someone to be my Guest at any of today's Disney theme parks, I hold onto this without using it because of the beauty and design of the ticket.  Sometimes you want to own things just for that reason alone- for the beauty of it.  It looks great,  don't you agree?