Saturday, January 19, 2008

Walt Disney World Fed Ex Space Mountain Pin

This is a rare, official Fed Ex Space Mountain Pin from Walt Disney World, available only to visitors to the (now gone) exclusive Fed Ex Lounge inside Space Mountain. Fed Ex no longer sponsors the ride, and therefore this pin is no longer available. Notice that this pin has Fed Ex's old logo, from when the company was known mostly as "Federal Express". It was rare that Fed Ex called itself Fed Ex on any marketing merchandise when this pin was made- this was one glaring exception. I used to work for Fed Ex (for 16 years), and I used to love to go to the Space Mountain lounge with my friends for a complimentary can of Coke or some coffee, . We were also given an escort to the front of the line of Space Mountain, which was a cool perk for Fed Ex employees and their guests. Later on, once Space Mountain got Fastpass, they would simply have us go through a door and get into the Fastpass line (right in the middle of the line!)

You can purchase this now rare pin for a total of $25 (includes shipping, handling and insurance). Shipping to the U.S. only.

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