Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stromboli's Ristorante Menu

Stromboli's Ristorante was an Italian restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel. Stromboli's had really good food, and I used to eat there on special occasions (like my birthday!). I was saddened when they closed it, along with the Monorail Cafe, when Disney created the new Disneyland Resort. As you can see, the restaurant was named after Stromboli, the evil puppeteer who put Pinocchio in a cage and threatened to chop him into firewood. The restaurant had a Pinocchio theme, and was quite charming. Diners had a nice view of the old marina, which has been replaced by the Neverland Swimming Pool area. I bought this menu at an NFFC Disneyana Convention- the price tag is still on it, as you might be able to see!


Ed said...

Hi David,
I came across your blog when I searched for Stromboli's Ristorante on Google. I have a dear friend in Germany who had a Stromboli's coffee mug which she cherished for years which recently broke. I was looking to try to find one to no avail with ebay and the usual places. As you found your very cool menu somewhere, I thought you might have a clue as to where I should start looking to find my friend a replacement mug? Any tips would be so much appreciated. Thanks and best regards,

David Ransom said...

I would try the NFFC's Disneyana Show and Sale (check out I would also check with