Friday, August 22, 2008

Disneyland Forever CD

This is one of my ten "Disneyland Forever" CD's. It was made at Disneyland a few years ago. For a time (more than a year, I believe), Disneyland had a machine that you could choose the audio soundtracks of select shows and attractions (past and present). When I discovered this machine, I decided right there on the spot to make 10 of them, and I paid almost $200 that day. I was very excited to get those soundtracks. Since then, I've had one stolen (someone broke into my car- it was full of music from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction at Disneyland). The fact that you could make your own CD, name your CD and that it had the date that your CD was created made the "Disneyland Forever" kiosk one of my favorite things at Disneyland. They eventually took away all those old tracks and replaced them with a kiosk that allowed you to buy full (but old) albums of your choosing- like an old Annette Funicello album, for example, but you cannot pick and choose which tracks you want, like you could with Disneyland Forever. Too bad.

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