Monday, October 13, 2008

Napkin from Disneyland's Club 33

This is a napkin from Disneyland's Club 33. Club 33 is an exclusive, private club for members and their guests. It was conceived by Walt Disney as a place where members could enterain their guests in the only place inside Disneyland Park that serves alcohol (California Adventure, by contrast, serves alcohol all over that park). Club 33 members pay an annual membership fee (I've heard that it's about $10,000 per year to be a member). Members also pay a fee for their guest to have dinner at Club 33 (which is by reservation), which includes admission to Disneyland. I have been to Club 33 twice- the first time was for a special "Breakfast with Imagineers" a few years ago, where I met a lot of very cool Imagineers who used to work with Walt Disney. Most people don't know that this place exists. It seems that everybody that goes there steals a napkin (maybe out of fear that they'll never get to go again?)

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