Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peter Pan Flying Over London- Limited Edition Hand-Inked and Hand-Painted Cel by Disney Art Editions

This is a limited edition, hand-inked and hand-painted cel, of a scene from Walt Disney's "Peter Pan". It features Peter, Wendy, Michael, John, and Tinker Bell flying over London, heading to Never Land. This particular piece is number 491 out of an edition of 500. This was one of my favorite cels that I had seen from Disney Art Editions, but it was sold out. One day years ago, when I was still working at The Disney Store in the Crenshaw/Baldwin Hills Plaza, I happened to go to The Disney Store at the Westside Pavillion, where I was looking for something else. I happened across this piece hanging on the wall. "Where did that come from?", I asked, amazed that it was there in their store. "Somebody returned it yesterday", they said. "I want it", I said, plopping down my VISA credit card. The sales tag said $1,500, but I got a slight discount, so with the tax factored back in I still paid slightly under $1,500. This piece hung in my apartment in Hollywood, along with all the other nice framed pieces that I had, until I could no longer afford to live there. This piece sat in my storage for a while, until recently, when I took it out and hanged it on the wall in my current bedroom. Alas, we have placed a television on a wall mount, which was too close for me to be near this cel, so I took it off the wall, and it's going back into a safe place. It was fun having it out for a month, though. Look at the background of London- you can imagine yourself there! The colors on this thing are truly amazing. Taking the photo with flash really brought the colors out!

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