Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Disney One Day Passport

This is a one-day Disney Passport to any Disney theme park in America. It's a "Park Hopper" ticket that could be used at Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort for all theme parks. I got this ticket for free at Disney's Shareholder Meeting back in the early '90's, and was one of the last times that Disney gave away passports to its shareholders who attended their annual meetings. (They argued that if you could buy a share for $30 and get a free ticket worth about $55, that it wasn't good business sense. I say that they were looking at this all wrong. If you are willing to travel all the way to Anaheim on a work day and miss work in order to attend a Disney Shareholder's meeting, the least that they could do is to give the shareholder/attendees some free tickets. I know this- if they were to have paid people for their time for their traveling to that meeting and for the time that they spent attending the meeting- it would amount to something. They certainly pay those directors a lot of money and stock options to attend the meetings). Anyway, isn't it a beautiful ticket? You can see the logos of Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Epcot and The Disney-MGM Studios on this ticket. The cool thing about this ticket was that it did not expire until the date used.


Lateefah Young said...

I wanted to know if you knew of any collectors that would be willing to buy any of the Passports that you have on your blog. I have four of the same passes. Three that have been used and stamped and one unused. Thank you.

David Ransom said...

Hi Lateefah. Someone will probably buy the unused one for sure. Given that Disneyland's park hoppers sell for about $149 to $155 for 1 day, this ticket is worth about that much. As for the used ones, it might be tougher to sell those, because they cannot be used again for admission. However, some people collect everything about Disney, and the tickets are kind of rare, since most folks just throw them away after use. I actually bought one of these off Ebay for really cheap and using it to get into Disneyland, a couple of years ago (the person did not realize that it is a park hopper ticket). Good luck in selling them!