Saturday, April 16, 2011

Disneyland Passport circa 1980

This is a Disneyland Passport (which is what they used to call the unlimited use tickets back in the days when Disneyland still sold ticket books). This was the best ticket that you could get at the time, because you could ride all the rides without tearing tickets out of your ticket book. This Passport is not to be confused with an Annual Pass, which became popular later on. This Passport was available for purchase by members of Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom Club (which was a benefit that some employers offered to their employees).

I love the look of the old Disneyland tickets- they were works of art, all by themselves.

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A Snow White Sanctum said...

What a great find! In the days of ticket books, this would indeed be "gold".

Just found your blog. Going back through and reading your post. Some terrific items in your collection.