Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies- A Companion To The Classic Cartoon Series by Russell Merritt and J.B. Kaufman

This is the book, "Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies - A Companion To The Classic Cartoon Series" by Russell Merritt and J.B. Kaufman. This book was printed in limited supply a few years ago. I managed to buy this at the Disneyana Fan Club's July Convention about 2 years ago. This is an invaluable book, and discusses all of Walt Disney's "Silly Symphonies" Cartoons. This book has great photos.


Trésors Disney said...

that book is a treasure but could not be found nowadays :(
i'd like to see the contents and read the different chapter, could you please scan the pages and send me ? I would be very grateful
Vincent from

David Ransom said...

If you would still like me to do it, I can take a few photos and email them to you, Vincent.

Trésors Disney said...

It will very nice from you :) i have already the chapter list but have no page from the content
here is my email : tresorsdisneyATliveDOTfr (replace AT with @ and DOT by .)

if they are good quality, i will post your photos on my facebook page http://facebook.com/tresorsdisney, if you are agree

thank you very much David :)