Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stock Certificate for The Walt Disney Company

This is a stock certificate for The Walt Disney Company. It's very colorful, isn't it?

Disney is well-known for its beautiful certificate. In fact, there are at least 2 companies that have a business of selling people just one share of Disney, with the certificate in a frame.

Disney has a long history of having owners of only one share. A few years ago, if you only owned one share of stock, you and everyone in your party could attend the Shareholder's meetings, and receive a free Theme Park ticket (to Disneyland or Walt Disney World). Disney began to limit the number of free tickets that they gave out at those meetings, and eventually they eliminated them (because, they argued at the time, that the price of a share of stock was less than the price of a share of Disney. Never mind that you took time off work and traveled all that way to spend a few hours with the Disney Executives! Well, don't get me started!)

Over the years, I have always managed to at least own one share of Disney- thanks to keeping this Disney Stock Certificate on-hand.

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