Sunday, October 28, 2007

One Reason That I Do This Blog

Today something happened which brought it home to me the fact that my collectibles will not last forever, nor will I. That is why I'm taking pictures of my Magical Collection- because they can be gone in an instant. Today my 5 year old nephew came to visit. He was rolling on the floor, and then he stood up and bumped into the table that was holding this piece, "Dancing Partners" by the Walt Disney Classics Colletion. The whole glass tabletop almost fell over, but the piece went right over onto the carpet and it broke into 4 pieces. One other piece was damaged as well, though not as much as this one. I love this piece and thought about photographing it, even today before it was broken. It's still nice-looking, right? Well, I'll have to buy a new one someday when I can afford it. Lesson learned: keep these fragile things more out of reach of children, and, moreover, I need to prepare for earthquakes (I'm in California). I went out tonight and bought some putty to hold my sculptures in place so that they won't be lost so easily.

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