Sunday, October 14, 2007

Welcome to My Magical Collection!

I have collected a lot of things over my lifetime: coins, stamps, bottle caps, Disney watches, Disney guides, Disney tickets, comic books, books about Disney, Disney artwork, Disney videos, Disney CD's, Disney records, Disney toys, and other things Disney. I don't live in a big home, so most of my "collections" are housed in different locations. I have often thought, "What if I could set up all of my collections all over my home, and invite lots of people over to see it. That way, people would get enjoyment out of seeing my collection, and I would be glad to share my things with more people. I saw a lady on TV who had a big collection, and she set up a museum of Salt and Pepper shakers. She charged admission, and that place was really popular. Would I do that with my home? Well, no time soon, anyway. But then I had an idea.

I decided that I would go through my collections, and photograph and document everything. That's right, everything that I have that's in my collection. Most of what I collect is Disney stuff, as you can tell from above. Disney is a big part of my life- I've worked for Disney, I've been listening to Disney soundtracks ever since my Dad bought a "Disney's Merriest Songs" Disneyland Record from the Gulf Gas Station on Crenshaw near the 10 freeway back in 1969 (and my Mom used an order form to enroll in a Disneyland Record Club, where they sent records regularly by mail).

A lot of people collect things, but they never really remember what they have until they go through everything. Well, I'm going to go through everything I have. I'm going to document it all here on this blog. I'm excited because I will find things that I forgot that I have. Some things that I have are rare- nobody else that I know or know of has them.

Tune in every day (I hope to have at least 3 posts per day). I will elaborate some facts about all the items that I post here. Some day I will have a big Mansion and I will have my collection set up so that people can come over and see my things in person, but for now I just want to share them with you here on my blog!

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