Saturday, October 20, 2007

Walt Disney Resorts Facial Soap

This is a box of Facial Soap from the Walt Disiney Resorts, circa 2004. I got this when I stayed at a Walt Disney World Resort in Florida (the soap that they give you now is different, and the packaging is not as cute). When you stayed at one of the Resort Hotels, you also got some Bath Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion, all with the same Mickey Mouse design. Of course, while you were on vacation, you never wanted to use all that stuff- so you saved it and brought it home....and maybe used it later.

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Violet Ivy said...

i have a collection os soap dating back to the 1800's that has this bar plus allthe early stuffMickey Pluto and Donald made by Schultz and even earlier characters plus many obscure saops toothpowder tins , flea soap etc right thru the war {we may have 2 sets of Quints made in austria plus 2 other pieces that may be ""Natzi Soap"" i dont want to know There is Shirley Temple and Little Lulu ' the Lone Ranger , Silver his horse AND a 6''replica of his gun.. an exceptional collection This collection has been handed down with the ledgersthru many generations and is for sale so i can complete my house